Wild Rice

What is wild rice?

A type of grass from which edible grains can be harvested.

How is wild rice different than brown rice?

Yes. The two main advantages it has over brown rice are:

Protein – contains more to help build and repair muscle tissues

Folate – is higher, which encourages cell and tissue growth

Where does wild rice come from?

Wild rice grasses grow in water and is harvested by hand from small boats. After harvest, the rice is dried and the husks are removed.

What kind of wild rice should I buy?

A brand that has only one ingredient: wild rice. I really like Lundberg Organic Wild Rice, 8 Ounce  There are also wild rice blends that can include long grain brown rice, sweet brown rice, wild rice, and white rice. Just be careful of these blends if you’re gluten intolerant. Although wild rice is naturally gluten-free, sometimes these rice blends are not.

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