Whole Wheat Pasta

What is whole wheat pasta?

Noodles made from whole wheat flour. It contains the entire grain kernel; the bran, germ and endosperm.

Why whole wheat pasta over regular pasta?

Since whole wheat pasta contains the entire grain, it’s high in dietary fiber, something that white pasta is not since it only contains the starchy endosperm. Fiber fills you up, helping prevent you from overeating and keeps you full for longer…not to mention encourages those bowel movements.

How is whole wheat pasta made?

The whole wheat flour, water and sometimes salt or eggs are mixed into a dough, left to rise and made into noodles.

What kind of whole wheat pasta should I buy?

A brand that has minimal ingredients, ideally only one being whole durum wheat flour or whole wheat flour. I always buy Barilla Whole Grain Pasta, Rotini, 13.25 oz

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