What are walnuts?

The seeds of the walnut tree.

Why are walnuts good for me?

I know some people who don’t eat walnuts because they’re “too fattening”. That’s funny because they actually help lower the amount of triglycerides, or fat levels, in our blood due to the Omega-3s, which also help with inflammation. On top of that, they’re also high in copper and manganese, which helps form strong connective tissues and build healthy bones.

How can I use walnuts?

You can add them to trail mixes, smoothies, oatmeal, breads, cookies and cakes, grind them up to add to pie crusts, or just eat them by the handful.

What kind of walnuts should I buy?

These are the best bang for your buck Kirkland Signature Walnuts, 3 Pounds. Regardless, try to buy raw walnuts. You can always toast them yourself later.

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