The Program

“My goal is to help people become happier and healthier by getting to the root cause of their health related concerns.”

The first step in working with me on your path to wellness is to request a 15 minute phone call to accomplish 3 things:

  1. For me to understand why you’re requesting help
  2. For you to understand my approach
  3. For both of us to see if what I do fits your needs

If we determine working together may be a good fit, we will schedule your Initial Consultation.

Click here to request a 15 minute phone call.

Initial Consultation

My individual counseling program begins with an Initial Consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your unique situation, ask more pointed questions regarding your current health situation, and determine if health counseling can help you to reach your goals.

Prior to the Initial Consultation, I will ask that you fill out a detailed health history form and symptoms questionnaire. This gives me a thorough understanding of your current situation, and allows our consultation to be as productive as possible; with the time being devoted to your unique needs, sharing your story, and asking questions. At the end, I will discuss with you the interconnectedness of your symptoms and challenges, and we can discuss our work together going forward.

Program Sessions

Once both parties have determined working together long term would be beneficial, we will set up 6, bi-weekly session appointments. During your sessions, we will work together to set and accomplish goals, develop a complete lifestyle program to address the unique root causes in your body, explore new foods to build a sustainable diet that helps you meet your specific goals, increase energy, and feel better in your body. Interventions can including everything from eating and sleep hygiene, nutrition changes and supplements, and lab work or other testing that may be helpful.

Your program includes:

  • two, 45-minute, customized counseling sessions per month (held via phone or video conference call)
  • follow up session summaries (via email) to help you review your session
  • email support between sessions to clarify progress and make course corrections, as necessary
  • emailed education handouts with more information to help you implement your plan
  • detailed, clinical research to support your unique health concerns and goals

The program is for a minimum of two months (4 sessions).

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