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How Much Sugar is in Your Food?

How Much Sugar is in Your Food?

A bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar, cranberries and mixed nuts as the optional toppings. A non fat strawberry Greek yogurt cup A bowl of fruit. A cinnamon roll.

Sodium: How It Helped Ashton to Olympic Gold, But is Harming the Health of Millions Worldwide

Sodium: How It Helped Ashton to Olympic Gold, But is Harming the Health of Millions Worldwide

It was a hot summer day and Ashton and I were running one of our brutal 400m workouts that often made me express how scared I was, which typically prompted our coach, Harry, to respond, “Ahh you’ll be fine, Bri. It might hurt a bit […]

Juices vs. Smoothies: Which is Better?

Juices vs. Smoothies: Which is Better?

Whether you’re trying to incorporate more fruits & vegetables into your diet, lose weight, or are just craving a spring drink, both smoothies and juices can add nutritional deliciousness to your body.

But they’re not created 100% equal.

So which is better for you? I’ve broken it down so you can make an educated decision that best suits your healthy lifestyle goals.

The main differences between them comes down to two things: fiber and absorption. Smoothies contain insoluble fiber, whereas juices do not, but juices absorb nutrients into the bloodstream quicker. So what does this mean?

Extra Pooping Power!

Insoluble fiber keeps your bowels moving. It’s found in the seeds and skins of fruits and vegetables and isn’t broken down by the gut or absorbed into the bloodstream. It’s purpose is to add bulk to our waste and move it out of our bodies quicker. Not only that, it also helps balance the acidity in our intestines, which aids in the prevention of colon cancer.

Fast Nutrients or Sugar Crash?

Since the fruits and veggies in juice are already completely broken down, the nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This can be good as long as you’re not only juicing fruits. This can cause your blood sugar to rapidly spike and result in a later sugar crash.

Take Note: Beware the Sugar

Both smoothies and juices can be really high in sugar, particularly if you’re using tons of fruit, and be especially careful with juices since the absorption is so fast. If you’re trying to lose weight or watching your sugar intake, using more vegetables will be key.

The Bottom Line

Overall, for most of us, just getting more fruits and especially vegetables in our diet is a huge win. However, to help you decide which is best for you, think about your health and lifestyle goals.

Do you want more lean, mean muscle? Then go with a smoothie and add protein powder or Greek yogurt.

If you want to cleanse your body with a punch of nutrients, then opt for a veggie juice.

Either way, you can’t make a wrong decision if the alternative was a bag of potato chips or a handful of cookies.

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