Sunflower Seeds

What are sunflower seeds?

The seeds of the edible fruit of sunflowers. Striped sunflower seeds are the ones used primarily for food purposes.

Why are sunflower seeds good for me?

Not only are sunflower seeds a great plant-based protein source for helping build and repair lean muscle mass, but they also help us absorb iron due to the copper levels which play a role in energy production. Lastly, they protect us against outside toxins thanks to the high level of vitamin E.

How do I use sunflower seeds?

Add them to trail mix, sprinkle on top of muffins or bake in breads, add to homemade granola bars, or put in oatmeal and yogurt. You can even grind them to make sunflower seed butter to spread on toast.

What kind of sunflower seeds should I buy?

A brand with the only ingredient being ‘raw sunflower seeds’. I always buy Sincerely Nuts Organic Sunflower Seeds Hulled (Raw, No Shell) 1 Lb

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