What is quinoa?

KEEN-wah is an edible seed that comes in hundred of varieties with white, red and black being the most cultivated.

Why is quinoa good for me?

Quinoa is a serious super grain because it’s a complete protein. This means it contains all 9 building blocks of protein (essential amino acids).

Why are complete proteins important?

Our bodies cannot make these on their own so we must get them from food. Animal based products like meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, yogurt, milk and cheese are complete proteins. Quinoa is one of a small number of plant-based, complete proteins.

How much protein does quinoa contain?

There are about 8 grams of protein per 1 cup serving, compared to brown rice at 5g. So if you’re looking to add more protein to your diet, it’s a great addition to your meals.

Where does quinoa come from?

The seeds are harvested from the plant and their husks are removed. They are then dried for storage.

How do I make quinoa?

Usually, rinsing them is suggest because they’re coated in a natural substance (saponin) which can taste bitter. It then gets cooked like rice. I typically cook it in chicken or vegetable broth to add extra flavor.

What kind of quinoa should I buy?

A brand that has the only ingredient being ‘quinoa’. I really like White Quinoa, 4lbs, USDA Organic by Anthony’s – Gluten Free & Non GMO

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