As a world-class athlete, I learned a lot about optimizing performance through nutrition, and took a very simple approach while fueling both my husband and I to Olympic medals. It’s been this simple approach that has prompted me to spread my knowledge of healthy eating to you all.

The main purpose of this site is for you to find balance in your diet and lifestyle through:

  • Understanding how different foods work in your body
  • Breaking down beliefs you might have like “low-fat foods are good” or “nuts make me fat”
  • Stopping the chronic dieting
  • Knowing how to read food labels, understanding ingredients and deciphering the good from the bad
  • Providing healthy recipes for you to try
  • Enjoyment of real food without guilt

How This Happened for Me

After graduating from college in 2011 and going pro, I realized that it was time to get more serious about track and field. Not only did my income now depend on me being able to perform well, but I wanted to challenge myself to see how good I could be.

I decided that one area I could work harder on was my nutrition. So I did that little self talk that I know we all do: “It’s time to get serious, Brianne. How bad do you want this? Quit making excuses!” and developed a simple plan:

Cut all Desserts from my Diet. (HA!! Yeah right…)

Simple right? Well that would be a big, fat WRONG! It lasted all of two days when I ended up binge eating Sour Patch Watermelon candies and pretty much a whole, 2 dozen batch of cookies in a day. What a great way to maximize performance through nutrition!

The Other Plans

I went on like this for a while, developing bullshit plans along the way like, “No carbs after lunch” and “Only 1 unhealthy day of eating a week”. They all failed and I’d feel like shit about myself. I Googled things like, “How to get more willpower” which again, failed me.

It’s all About Balance

Then I finally realized something. Maybe people aren’t actually supposed to restrict themselves. Maybe they’re supposed to have more balance in their diet. I was a world-class athlete with the motivation and determination of a warrior and yet, I couldn’t stay the course on a strict eating plan for more than a couple of days. So I began to make small changes in my nutrition to help me become a stronger, healthier athlete with more balance and happiness in my life. I will never “diet” again.


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