Pumpkin Seeds

What are pumpkin seeds?

The edible, dried and roasted seeds of pumpkins.

Why are pumpkin seeds good for me?

Pumpkin seeds are high in:

Vitamin E – an antioxidant to help protect your cells from damage.

Manganese – helps the body form connective tissues and bone and plays a role in fat and carb metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

Magnesium – important for bone formation.

How can I use pumpkin seeds?

You can add them to sauteed veggies for extra crunch, sprinkle over or bake right into breads and muffins, and put them in your granola, oatmeal or yogurt.

What kind of pumpkin seeds should I buy?

A brand with the only ingredient being ‘shelled pumpkin seeds’. I always buy Sincerely Nuts Pumpkin Seeds- Pepitas (Raw) (No Shell) 1LB Bag

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