My Approach

“I practice a holistic (whole lifestyle) approach to health and wellness, and use principles of functional medicine to explore and uncover the root causes of people’s health concerns.”

Our human body is extremely smart. All of our different body parts communicate with one another. If one of our organs or systems is not functioning properly, it communicates this to us through symptoms. Unfortunately, our typical American lifestyle has dealt with our body’s communication method by simply slapping a bandaid on it, either by over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

My approach involves gaining an understanding of how seemingly unrelated body parts or issues are affecting one another, and how each person’s unique environment is impacting (either positively or negatively) the dynamic within their body.

What You Can Expect While Working With Brianne

An Individualized Program

Everyone is extremely different. From their health history and genetics, to their current lifestyle and diet. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach. I create my programs after thoroughly understanding each individual’s body, health history, goals, lifestyle and preferences. If something doesn’t seem to be working, I change it instead of repeatedly forcing a fixed solution. I focus on giving the body natural, simple food, supplements, recreation and stress management choices to help the body heal.

Achievable and Sustainable

I don’t believe in diets or rigid meal plans, nor do I focus on deprivation and denial.  I offer step-by-step, gradual changes that allow people time to experiment with and adjust to their new habits. I focus on adding positive, healthy, healing foods, behaviors, and activities to people’s lives to “crowd out” the negative and unhealthy ones.

My goal for a client is persistence, not perfection. There needs to be room for indulgences and “real life” circumstances. Guilt has no place in maintaining health.


I focus on educating people on the inner workings and interconnectedness of their unique body. Doing this helps people understand WHY they’re feeling bad, WHAT contributes to or exacerbates their symptoms, and HOW to fix them. I find this is especially powerful in motivating people to make better decisions in times of weakness, or as a reminder of why what they’re doing is important in the first place. I believe we are all capable of managing our own health and wellness, and my goal is for each client to discover and learn healthy habits and skills they may use effectively on their own, for the rest of their lives.

Scientifically Sound

Our body’s natural state is one of wellness. If we are unwell, there is a reason – a true root cause. My focus is on understanding and addressing the root cause(s). I usually encourage my clients to pursue more comprehensive or specialty testing (lab work, food sensitivity tests, hormone test, etc.) to uncover fundamental issues.


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