Ground Flaxseed

What is ground flaxseed meal?

The ground up seeds from flax, one of the oldest fiber crops in the world.

Why are ground flaxseeds good for me?

If you’re looking for something to keep you full for longer but isn’t high in carbohydrates, than flax seeds have your back. They are high in fiber and form a sort of “gel” when mixed with liquid and keep food in your stomach from emptying too quickly, which can help increase nutrient absorption.

They are also the richest source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids in the world, which can help reduce inflammation and fat levels in your blood.

How do I use ground flaxseed?

Same as chia seeds, add it to smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, cookies, cakes and pies.

What kind of ground flaxseed should I buy?

A brand with the only ingredient being ‘whole flaxseed’. Like chia, you can buy whole seeds or ground up. I prefer ground not only because it’s easier to incorporate into recipes but because it’s easier to digest. I always buy Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal – 32 oz

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