Goat’s Milk Cheese

What is goat’s milk cheese?

Cheese made from goat’s milk, also known as chèvre. It’s soft and spreadable.

Why is goat’s milk cheese better than cow’s milk cheese?

If you love cheese but are looking to cut down on fat and cholesterol, then goat’s milk cheese is your jam! It contains half the saturated fat as cow’s milk cheddar cheese and no cholesterol. It’s a source of calcium and protein to build those strong bones and lean muscles, and for all those dairy allergy sufferers… Goat’s milk may be an option for you, as it’s easier to digest than cow’s milk due to the lower lactose (sugar) content and smaller fat globules.

How do they make goat’s milk cheese?

The goat’s milk gets put into a steam heated tank where bacterial cultures are added to ferment the milk and enzymes are added to curdle the milk. It sits for 18 hours where the cheese curds separated from the watery liquid whey. They separate the curds from the liquid, mix them with salt and package them, sometimes with coatings or mixes of herbs, chives or pepper seasonings.

What kind of goat’s milk cheese should I buy?

A brand with a simple list of ingredients such as: pasteurized cultured goat milk, sea salt and enzymes. I will buy ones with herbs added and sometimes buy cheddar and feta goat’s milk cheese.

How do I use goat’s milk cheese?

It’s great spread on crackers or toast, in quiches, on sandwiches and burgers.


It’s still cheese and if you eat a whole stick with your crackers at lunch, the saturated fat content will add up. Eat it in moderation when you’re jonesing for some cheese.

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