What are dates?

The edible fruit of the date palm tree. The two most recognizable name types are: Medjool and Deglet noor.

How do I use dates?

They are amazing substitutions for refined sugar in recipes. I use them in all sorts of baking: cakes, pastries, cookies, bars, ice cream, etc. They are also great to sweeten oatmeal or smoothies.

What are the health benefits of dates?

Although they contain high amounts of sugar (80% of the fruit is sugar), dates also contain fiber. Fiber helps to slow the absorption of sugar, which slows the rate of blood sugar rise and are lower on the glycemic index. This means they won’t take our blood sugar for a wild ride; a high and then crash and burn effect, like refined sugar does.

What kind of dates should I buy?

A brand with the only ingredient being ‘dates’ with no added sweetener as coating. I typically buy pitted dates, meaning the pits (or seeds) of the dates are removed, since I mostly grind them up or make date paste to use as sweetener in different recipes. These are the ones I buy most often Sincerely Nuts Whole Pitted Dates- One Lb. Bag – Packed with Fiber & Minerals – Irresistibly Scrumptious – Guaranteed Freshness – Kosher Certified

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