Cashew Milk

What is cashew milk?

“Milk” made from cashews and water. It has a thick, creamy consistency similar to dairy milk.

Why choose cashew milk over almond milk?

I like it better for a couple of reasons: 1) You don’t have to strain it if making it homemade, therefore you still get the fiber benefits from the whole nut, and 2) it’s creamier and thicker than almond milk.

What are the nutritional benefits of cashew milk?

See the nutritional benefits of cashews here.

How is cashew milk made?

I always make cashew milk at home. I soak cashews in water for at least 8 hours. The cashews are then drained, added to a high-powered blender with more water, then blended until smooth and creamy.

How do I use cashew milk?

Cashew milk is great to use in soups, drinks, to make dairy-free ice cream, cream cheeses, and cream sauces.

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